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Tytec Recycling is a collaboration between Tytec Group and Green Distillation Technologies Corporation (GDTC).

Tytec Group for over 15 years has been providing, OTR tyre logistics, storage, retreading, repairs and tyre solutions throughout Australia. Tytec Recycling now adds the final piece to the puzzle by providing the world’s first whole OTR tyre recycling process – offering for the first time a truly cradle to grave solution for OTR Tyres.

Green Distillation Technologies Corporation” (GDTC) global award winning tyre recycling Technology Company and recipients of the Edison Award (Bronze) has invested with the Tytec group in an environmentally friendly OTR tyre recycling process that will be the first of its kind in the world. Our process enables us to recycle and reuse 100% of OTR tyres.

Edison Award


How does the Tytec Recycling Whole OTR Tyre Recycling System work?

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The Recycling Process

The Single Step
Destructive Distillation Process

The entire recycling process is handled by the Destructive Distillation Plant. The Distillation Reactors with their continuous heating technology perform their amazing job of turning your OTR tyres into Reclaimed Steel, Diesel Oil and Carbon. No part of the tyre is wasted!

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