“it’s all about green


Our process recycles and reuses 100% of OTR tyres

OTR Tyre RecyclingProcedure

The Single Step Destructive Distillation Process

The entire recycling process is handled by the Destructive Distillation Plant. The Distillation Reactors with their continuous heating technology perform their amazing job of turning your OTR tyres into Reclaimed Steel, Diesel Oil and Carbon.

Destructive Distillation Reactors

Whole OTR tyres are fed into the plants feeder chambers before being lowered into the distillation reactors which extract the oil from the tyre. The reactors are heated using the continuous heating technology. This heating technology reclaims and reuses oil and heat from the reactors reducing overall energy consumption and emissions.

After the distillation of the tyre they are lowered into the separation destruction chamber where the carbon and steel are removed and separated.

Advanced Technology & Reduced Emissions

The process of capturing excess heat, then reusing it in the heating chambers, allows the system to consume less energy, resulting in extremely low emissions.

All emissions are lime scrubbed to meet or exceed international EEA, EPA and DER standards and approvals.

The technology developed and utilised within our reactors allow them to operate at much lower temperature and pressure which requires less energy to operate, again helping reduce emissions.

Lower operating temperature and pressure have the added advantage of being safer for system operators and reduce wear and tear on the plant.

No part of the tyre is wasted

Diesel Oil

All excess reclaimed oil not used in the reactors is collected, ready to be refined into higher quality fuels.


Carbons are used across a variety of industry sectors.

Reclaimed Steel

High grade steel used in OTR tyre radial body cords, belt packages and bead bundles is reclaimed during the process for high grade steel products.